The problem of dry, brittle hair affects millions of women of all ethnic backgrounds in America. The only solutions have traditionally been expensive prescription medications which often limit styling or over-the-counter beauty products and hair sprays which create sheen but can often be damaging to the hair long term. After years of development and testing, a new, commercially available product, Hair Polish by Brown Earth Formula, is being released to definitively cure the problem.

Hair Polish uses a combination of natural, healthy ingredients like avocado, rice oil, soy bean oil and argan oil to create a hydrating, vitamin e-rich formula that actually cures the hair. Even if the user's hair is already dry and brittle, the Hair Polish enriches the hair from the outside in and leaves it stronger and healthier than before. Hair Polish is quickly becoming available at retail locations and select salons across the country. The product can be purchased in 4 OZ spray bottles and applied directly to dry hair before or after styling.

A laboratory team lead by hair expert and entrepreneur Sheila Whitt have been developing and testing for product for three years. Whitt has even used the product in her own salon. “The feedback has been tremendous. Everyone that uses reorders and says that they can't believe they went so long without it. It works well, has natural ingredients and it smells fantastic. I'm so proud of this product.” Brown Earth Formula's Hair Polish is now getting rave reviews and flying off both retail shelves and the company's website.

“I've had countless women coming into my Hampton salon over the years who are so fed up with their dry hair problems. When I show them the ingredients in their favorite hair sprays they are shocked. As they should be. The products that create the most sheen also have the most abrasive ingredients” says Whitt.

Another major disadvantage to traditional sprays and polishes is that they do not work well with all hair types. Because of their heavy use of harsh chemicals, they can become less effective and even severely damaging to the wrong hair type. For this reason, their manufacturers formulate dozens of versions to work on curly hair, African American hair, thin hair, blonde hair, dry hair, etc. Brown Earth Formula's Hair Polish, on the other hand is effective on all hair types. It has become a favorite at several multi-ethnic salons around the country.

Hair Polish by Brown Earth Formula is now available at select retailers and online at


Brown Earth Formula is a fast growing hair care company headquartered in Virginia. Their signature product, the lab-tested and critically acclaimed Hair Polish is now available in retailers and online at Hair Polish has been hailed as the natural cure to dry hair.

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