Air conditioning is not only a method to keep room temperatures low during summer times, it is also a great solution to prevent perishable foods from losing their flavour. Milk products, fresh vegetables or different types of meat have to be stored in specially designed coolers in order to maintain their integrity as long as possible. Using the newest cooling technologies available on the market, the most qualified air conditioning specialists Shrewsbury has to offer are ready to meet your requirements.

            Not only suitable for restaurants that need to deposit considerable amounts of foods in a save cool environment, cold rooms can also find their purpose in an average household. An air conditioning Shrewsbury company has the right skills and experience to install in your home a low temperature room, ideal for storing fruit for instance. For those who have a fruit-tree garden and feel that the cellar doesn’t offer enough space to deposit the entire production, a cold room on ground level can be a solution. Therefore, you can enjoy the fresh taste of an apple during a long amount of time, without necessarily transforming it into a jam in order to conserve its properties. Moreover, a cold room installed by the best air conditioning specialists Shrewsbury can provide can be a true day-saver when it comes to electric shortages, as it can be a back-up for storing food while the refrigerator is cut off.

            A high-rated air conditioning Shrewsbury firm can also improve your gatherings with friends by adding to your household items an ice machine. When you have a home bar and bunch of friends over for a drink, you can’t worry about the water freezing in the refrigerator to make ice and also be a great host. Moreover, most people already have their freezers full, therefore their space is limited and so are the amounts of ice. Provided with sufficient air circulation, an ice machine forms and keeps the ice intact at a pre-set temperature that will guarantee the success of your cocktails. Likewise, the most skilled air conditioning specialists Shrewsbury has to offer can also guarantee the success of any bar and club owner. On busy nights and thirsty afternoons, an ice machine will ensure a continuous flow of cocktails.

            Air conditioning is also an encouraged method of preserving the environment of cellars or other types of underground rooms. As these spaces are often submitted to high level of humidity, ventilation is necessary in order for products to be stored in a fresh and always renewed atmosphere. Keeping in mind that most cellar owners may be wine producers or collectors, the most reliable air Conditioning specialists Shrewsbury can provide also have experience in cellar coolers. Not only that cellar coolers can preserve your wine, they can also contribute to a proper aging, increasing its value. A trusted air conditioning Shrewsbury company believes in the noble characteristics of a well-kept wine, while the cellar coolers they install can improve a wine’s full-flavour potential.      

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