Orlando, Florida — Most homeowners would not dream of neglecting to sign up for homeowners insurance but they may make the mistake of thinking that almost any type of problem will be covered. Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for denying claims based on neglect of the homeowner to take care of maintenance and other issues. A Plumber and Associates, a premiere Orlando plumbing company Orlando plumbing company , advises homeowners that they have a responsibility to repair their plumbing problems in order to comply with insurance requirements.

Orlando plumbing contractors Orlando plumbing contractors are often called to repair home emergencies involving broken pipes, leaking valves or blocked toilets. However, damage that results from these emergencies may not be covered by homeowner insurance policies if homeowners can be shown to have contributed to the problem with lack of maintenance or engaging in behavior that causes the issue.

Many insurance companies do not cover blocked toilets, clogged sinks or showers and moving parts within a toilet tank. They may not cover burst pipes if the homeowner has neglected to prevent the situation by taking pro-active steps. The good news is that home plumbing in Orlando plumbing in Orlando is easy to maintain if homeowners will stick to a schedule and routinely take steps to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

A Plumber and Associates, an Orlando plumbing company, offers these solutions to common home plumbing issues. Homeowners who take these steps will rarely have to rely on the intervention of A Plumber and Associates’ plumbing repair in Orlando.

1. Avoid pouring grease or food bits down a sink. Clean hair regularly from shower and bathtub drains.
2. Use a biodegradable drain treatment once a month to keep pipes clear in the bathroom and kitchen.
3. Never flush anything but toilet paper down a toilet. Diapers, sanitary products, and cotton swabs can cause serious clogging problems.
4. Run hot water down your drains regularly. Hot water will help garbage disposals work more effectively.
5. Have your home inspected annually by a licensed plumbing service in Orlando such as A Plumber and Associates. Plumbers will inspect your plastic fittings for the dishwasher, laundry and other points of contact, flush the water heater, and make minor repairs. These repairs could save thousands in fees from plumbing companies in Orlando if you have an emergency.
6. Visually inspect washing machine hoses for bulges or leaks monthly.
7. Consider any bulging or leaking of any pipe something to be looked into by a professional plumbing company in Orlando such as A Plumber and Associates.
8. Check out products that offer wireless sensing of leaks and alert you by cell phone if you are away from home. You may receive an insurance deduction for this service, as well. When you leave home for an extended period, shut off the water to your washing machine and any other appliances that could spring a leak while you are gone.

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