A heart-shaped pink engagement ring is only one of the many items in celebrity Katie Price’s collection of wedding and engagement rings, which a recent estimate has valued at roughly £908000.00.

The 36-year-old celebrity, formerly known by the pseudonym of Jordan, is currently in her third marriage, having also had five engagements. Each of these commitments earned her a jewel of significant value, leading to a current situation where the model and businesswoman holds a treasure trove worth nearly £1 million.

In fact, according to a celebrity jeweller quoted by British tabloid The Mirror, most of Price’s rings have increased in value in relation to their purchase price. In some cases, this difference is quite substantial, such as with the pink engagement ring mentioned above, which cost £150k and was returned for £250k.

This is, however, neither the most expensive ring Katie Price has received nor the one that yielded the largest profit; that dubious honour goes to the jewel presented to the model by her now ex-husband Peter Andre. The ring, a £350k extravaganza, eventually sold for almost double that amount (£600k). The engagement ring, also given by Andre, a rock which cost £180k was eventually sold for £250k, yielding further profit for the reality star.

The ring given to the celebrity by cage fighter Alex Reid, and Kieran Hayler’s emerald cut diamond ring offering, are of more modest value, but nevertheless brought Price some added income. The former originally cost £25k and is now selling for £42k, while the latter has risen in value from its original £9k to only £9750.00 over the years. Smaller earnings, to be sure, which do not match the pink engagement ring or diamond wedding ring mentioned earlier, but part and parcel of the reality star’s impressive jewel-related profits nonetheless.

The celebrity specialist interviewed by the newspaper in question, in a piece later reproduced by online business portal the Business Standard, also made a point of praising Jordan’s choices of jewellery, claiming the celebrity had demonstrated good taste in all of her acquisitions.

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