A-PDF.com, designer of digital publishing tools, has announced that its monthly planning meeting, held March 25, covered several important topics as the company plans to move forward. Its success in providing innovative software products thus far has put the organization in the unique position of planning for growth and many improvements.

During the meeting, stakeholders discussed how the company will move forward to improve employee benefits starting in March. It intends to give workers the benefits they deserve and which will give them a boost in morale so even harder work will lead to bigger product innovations. In fact, the company is working on a new product concept. A plan is ongoing and was discussed in detail at the meeting, providing the means to go forward with developing the concept further.

A plan to expand the technology team at a-pdf.com was also discussed. The larger team will provide the manpower needed to develop this new product and perfect it before launch. With all of the planning elements in place, the resources will be available to develop and create a product that is just as innovative as the ones which have helped establish the company as a leader in the worldwide software market.

Another topic of discussion was the future upgrade of Flip Book Maker  v3.8.8. A plan to update the software with several bug fixes to improve performance was discussed, and the company is expected to implement those changes soon. The software provides an easy way to convert PDF files into realistic flipping page books on the computer, complete with templates and preserved hyperlinks and more. Flipping e-books can be developed into magazines, brochures, catalogs, and reports and uploaded to the Web, shared on social media, or sent via email.

The company’s monthly meeting was held March 5. For more details on the business and its product line, visit http://A-PDF.com/

About A-PDF.com

a-pdf.com, developer of digital publishing tools, has worked since 2008 to create innovative software products and continuously improve them based on better efficiency and the feedback of users. Flipbook creators, PC utilities, and business software make up a diverse product line. The quality and functionality of its products has given the company recognition in the worldwide software market.