Every year, our age adds a number. This is an unstoppable event in our lives and we cannot escape this real truth. The same also goes with our physical well-being. As we grow old, our skin losses its elasticity causes some skin problem such as wrinkles and skin sagging. However, experts believe that there are natural ways on how to maintain a good condition of our skin without using artificial products and chemicals.

Do you know that exercise contributes a lot in our wellbeing? Well, physical work out does not only causes skin firming but it also reverses the natural ageing process in our body. Active lifestyle means having a healthy and fit life.

Scientific Proof of Exercise in the Skin

Mc Master conducted a study on mice in order to do actual experiment on the effect of exercise in the body of this animal. The result of the study reveals that sedentary mice experience deteriorating physical condition including baldness and underdeveloped physique. However, active mice who are subjected to exercise wheel every day has good improvement in their total well-being. People behind this study are fascinated whether this effect on mice could also have the same result with the people. In order to clear their view, they have made their research on people. Volunteers of this study were divided into two groups — the sedentary and the active people. After the study, it was shown that people who exercise more often have healthier skin glow even though their age is higher than 40 years old.

As a matter of fact, people in 20’s who have sedentary lifestyle have the same skin composition with old people who tend to exercise regularly. People in 40s with active lifestyle have obviously lighter and healthier skin. There are significant differences on the skin between these two experimental groups. Although, there are still other factors to consider but exercise was seen to have the greatest contribution among all. To scientifically prove the result, the subjects were medically tested. Under the microscope, skin of aged subjects has identically the same skin composition result with the younger subjects.

Finally, we cannot deny how exercise gives a wonderful effect on our body especially on our skin. It keeps our overall health especially our skin in excellent condition. If you want to look younger on your age then exercise more often. Enjoy a healthier and younger you. Keep a positive thoughts within your mind and never lose hope as your grow old each year.

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