A newly published preschool book entitled Dirty Casey provides teachings and lessons how fun to bathe. The story revolves around the little naughty girl named Lou who likes to get dirty and later learn that it is actually fun to bathe. The book is made for kids who should learn to bathe regularly and gets rid of dirt.

At present, there are tons of preschool books that parents may consider for their kids. Unfortunately, not all books are beneficial and does not provide useful information like how fun to bathe, which children may apply to their daily lives. This is the main reason why some parents find it hard to teach and convince their children to bathe properly and avoid dirt due to its health risks. As a solution, Omer Friedman wrote a preschool book about how a naughty girl learned how fun to bathe is. With this book, parents would be able to find it easy to teach their kids the consequences of getting dirty and how beneficial is bathing.

The story started when a little girl named Lou likes to get dirty because she loves dirt. Like every child, she likes to explore, get on the mud, and do whatever she wants outside. Then, when her mother said that it is bath time, Lou did not like the idea because she wanted to get dirty always. However, her mother explained and showed how bath time can be fun. After that, Lou realized that bath time is not bad after all and she is happy that she is clean.

Any parents can consider purchasing the preschool book entitled Dirty Casey. With this book, they will be able to teach their kids how fun to bathe in a much simpler yet enjoyable manner. As of now, the author is preparing for the official launch of the book.

Omer Friedman is an author based from Vancouver, Canada who aims to write books with full of lessons, which both kids and parents can enjoy and apply to their daily lives. There are other books that the author wrote and majority of them are considered as top notch by most of its readers.

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