United States — Stan is a normal 19 year old boy, who goes to college and loves to play basketball. He is a regular fixture in his college basketball team and is loved by his friends and family. On his best friend’s birthday party, Stan had a one night stand with a beautiful party, whom he met at the party. After a couple of weeks, Stan’s health deteriorated. He started having fever and muscle pain and developed rashes on his body. It got worse as the days went by. His best friend, with whom he shares everything, advised him to undergo an HIV test. Stan’s family was orthodox in nature, and that was the reason of his fear of going for a public HIV test, lest his condition gets revealed and his parents have to suffer the shame and anguish that accompanies every HIV patient and their family. Understanding the situation, Stan’s friend introduced him to the revolutionary product that is changing the way people get tested for AIDS, the HIV Home Test Kit .

The first ever over-the-counter home test kit for HIV was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last year. It has been made for people like Stan, who are sceptical or afraid of getting publicly tested for HIV, due to fear of the society or absence of any public testing centres nearby or false belief that as they are at a low risk of getting infected the results will turn out ‘negative’. It is also ideal for people who have a problem with needles or can’t stand the sight of blood.

In the normal test blood is drawn from the body and tested for the HIV antibodies. If antibodies are found in the initial test using the ELISA method, a second Western blot test is done to confirm the size of the antigens binding to the antibodies. In the home test, a saliva test is done by taking a mouth swab. If the virus is detected, a line will appear on the indicator on the test kit, indicating that you are ‘HIV positive’. It gives the result in just 20-40 minutes. A blood test is done to be absolutely 100% sure.

One can buy the test kit from the different pharmacies, drug stores, supermarkets and can also be bought on the Internet. One of the trusted websites selling the test kit is HIV Test USA.

About HIV Test USA — HIV Test USA offers very high quality HIV testing products which have been approved by the FDA, meant to be tested from the privacy of your own home. Visit the site (http://www.hivtestusa.com/) for a full range of the testing products offered.

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