6 April, 2013 – Stamp Duty Calculator delivers the ultimate method for calculating stamp duty rates. This calculator helps solicitants to find out how much they must pay or on the contrary, the amount that they can save by simply checking the stamp duty rates.

A solicitant, who uses the Stamp Duty Calculator, can actually check if he or she qualifies for a specific Stamp Duty Mitigation scheme. On the other side, the Stamp Duty Calculators organization, which provides this calculator, is able to intercede specific activities that can help solicitants to virtually meet qualified lawyers. These professionals are ready to offer various advices, including information about specific stamp duty rates.

The Stamp Duty Calculators offers the services of numerous qualified lawyers who can solve various enquiries that relate to Stamp Duty Mitigation. This platform also allows solicitants to find out specific details about different Stamp Duty Mitigation schemes with regard to purchase prices. The only thing that a person must do is to deliver particular details, such as the purchase price, the type of property — whether it is residential or commercial — and the buyer’s statute — whether he or she is the first time buyer or not.

As soon as the solicitant specifies these details, the Stamp Duty Calculator provides the stamp duty rate and the amount that the person can actually save. Additionally, the website provides a series of valuable details, which relate to the SDLT rates and particular thresholds for 2012 for purchase prices. It also delivers details on commercial or mixed SDLT rates.

In case that the solicitant intends to find out different things about the available Stamp Duty Mitigation schemes, the Stamp Duty Calculators organization is ready to deliver a series of details about the available schemes. This service also announces that the buyers can get the best out of Stamp Duty Mitigation Schemes only if the minimum amount of property purchase price is of £250,001. The total fee should also include VAT.

Besides the minimum property purchase price, the solicitant must also have obtained a mortgage offer. Even more important than this is the fact that he o she must be in a civil partnership or married. If a person meets all these criteria, Stamp Duty Calculator organization validates that he or she can save an essential sum of money. The service also guarantees the success of this scheme especially because it has already been proven by numerous solicitants.

Besides the Stamp Duty Calculator and Stamp Duty Mitigation schemes, a solicitant can also use this platform to get in touch with a professional solicitor. Additionally, the website offers free quotes for SDLT mitigation. The only thing that an applicant must do is to enter his or her name, property value, email, telephone number, and various additional details that the person in cause might find important, including queries.

As soon as the solicitant provides this data and submits the request, a qualified lawyer will check the information and get back to the solicitant with a clear answer that also contains a SDLT Mitigation free quote. The Stamp Duty Calculators organization intends to help people to calculate their stamp duty rates, while finding the best possible solutions, which may save them some money.

Everyone knows that the stamp duty tax is a controversial subject. However, most people choose to pay it instead of looking for specific schemes that can help them to save some money. A person, who intends to find specific solutions for stamp duty tax situations, can rely on the Stamp Duty Calculators services.

These services are committed to quality and reliability. For this reason, they provide professional advices, which are delivered by registered and qualified lawyers. Thus, Stamp Duty Calculators organization is ready to help solicitants to avoid paying immense stamp duty rates by simply checking the entire process.

The website that hosts the services of the Stamp Duty Calculator also delivers information on stamp duty rates that buyers must cover for specific purchase prices. Additionally, there are particular regulations with regard to commercial and residential properties, to which solicitors also add the legal rights of first time buyers. The professionals who collaborate with the Stamp Duty Calculators know everything about these regulations. Therefore, anyone who intends to purchase a property in the UK should visit Stamp Duty Calculator services at http://www.stampdutycalculators.co.uk