July 2010 sees the Beta launch of a brand new mobile phone comparison website set to take the market by storm.

Called mobilesmadeclear.com the site aims to become the ´FIRST‘ mobile phone price comparison website to provide information and suggestions based on the effective cost per minute or text provided within a contract deal. This is a huge step forward against other sites which simply provide a list of mobile deals and monthly prices but offer very little in the way of intelligence leaving the consumer to calculate which offers the best value for money.

Founder and CEO Philip Price explains why it has become so complicated to compare mobile phone deals in the modern mobile phone market.

“We have now become used to mobile phone contracts including more than just minutes and texts, especially with the rise in popularity of free gifts and smart phone handsets. It is even more important, when you‘re tightening your financial belt, to ensure you get the best value for money from everything you do, so why should this not include your mobile phone contract.”

“With almost every deal on offer you have to consider both the quality and value of the handset, as well as gifts, cash back or discounted line rental, and that‘s before you get to the number of inclusive minutes and texts provided as part of your monthly fee. At mobilesmadeclear.com we make all these calculations for you ending up with an ´effective cost per minute or text‘ allowing for a real comparison no matter what‘s included with the deal. Our visitors are able to accurately compare different deals with different handsets, gifts and allowances all in one place. ”

Mobilesmadeclear.com currently monitors the deals from major online retailers such as The Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u as well as deals available directly from all the 5 main mobile networks.

In addition to being the first mobile phone comparison website to break down the barriers of confusing deals, mobilesmadeclear.com provides an innovative ´Shortlist‘ tool allowing its visitors to create a list of deals that attract their attention. This shortlist is then automatically checked to explain which deal offers the best value for money.

Philip Price continues:

“We have decided to launch under the Beta banner as we still have some design modifications and further testing to complete. It has been quite a challenge to display a large quantity of information without confusing our visitors and we would like to monitor site traffic for a while to ensure we‘ve got the balance just right.”

“The data is live and up-to-date so we felt no need to keep what is effectively a very powerful comparison tool hidden for an extra few months while we carry out our final checks.”

The team behind mobilesmadeclear.com believe it is a ´first‘ in terms of the depth of financial and comparison information. They are aiming for the site to become the first stop when people decide to change or upgrade their mobile phone contract and hopefully create a little clarity in comparing mobile phone deals.

For more information visit http://mobilesmadeclear.com