17, November 2014: Who doesn’t know them – the daily concerns about life circumstances or areas of knowledge? Who invented what? Which option exists for which problem? How can I repair something? This could continue- concrete answeres for different topics can be found on a brand-new German Q & A website- www.frage.de – Here users can ask concerns in German and benefit from the knowledge of the huge virtual community, in order to get important support. On the homepage visitors can overview present concerns and answers, while a click on the categories “all concerns”, “unanswered concerns”, “tags”, “users” and “ask question” discloses all possible choices. Another look at the readily available question categories that permit a target-oriented search, swiftly shows that this useful website covers various locations of life – personal, company or hobby-wise. 

Just ask away: Questions do not cost anything on this portal 

No matter which concern is badgering you right now, a brand-new German Q & A website like frage.de was brought to life to give concrete responses. It does not constantly need to have to do with an area of expertise, for in lots of scenarios experience to give orientation or calm you down might be important. Through the homepage the most popular tags can be seen, so a fast introduction regarding existing topics is possible. If you’re own subject is not (yet) part of it, a question can be quickly and quickly asked. The most popular tags also show that this portal has really appropriate content depending on periods. The topics “Vacations” and “Gardening” are quite hot – pun intended– in summer. This is how such a portal knows what life is all about. Routine check outs are worthwhile – you never ever stop discovering! There are constantly brand-new, amazing subjects to discover and actively talk about. 

Letting concerns be addressed by the wisdom of lots of is so simple 

A brand-new Q & A portal is obviously kept alive by dedicated users. The exchange of understanding is the big, invaluable added value, every user can make the most of totally free – of any topic. Asking a question is extremely simple and having it answered by the crowd’s wisdom: Aside from the question and the selection of a fitting classification more info can be included in a text field. Aside from tags and an optional name, the e-mail address can be gotten in, so the user will get an automatic mail, in case responses are offered to their questions. The virtual viewpoint- and knowledge exchange is even faster and easier, when portal users register free of charge. - German Q & A portal 

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