GetInspire, a recently launched site, seems to be a new initiative geared toward viral marketing. Designed to make any kind of content go viral, the innovative portal accepts inspirational articles and videos belonging to different categories or niches and publishes only after thorough review and approval. This ensures that the visitors get inspirational content in the relevant niche.   

Publishing viral content is perhaps the quickest way, at present, to share or advertize any information online. Tapping the power of this trend, the new portal called GetInspire has established its digital presence on the World Wide Web just a few days back. It is designed to share all types of content in different formats such as articles and videos, provided that the content is capable of inspiring the reader who is looking for such information in that particular niche.

The portal aims to make its visitors stirred with exceptional content in the form of stories, how tos, advice and suggestions, tips, inspirational and motivational tales related to success and productivity, trends, and more.

This is evident in its Home page where several content categories exist, such as devotional, educational, health, how to, interviews, money and career, marriage and family, personal development, reviews, tutorials, and motivational. The visitor can even find some rarely find categories such as spirituality, sermons, theology, technology, biography, society, and testimonies. Well, this is certainly delighting to the visitors.

For the authors, the site has an exclusive Members Area wherein an enthusiastic individual can quickly sign up by submitting email and desired username and password. Doing so creates a valid user account to which the author needs to login in for posting articles. However, just uploading the content does not mean that it has been published.

Being a reader-oriented initiative, this portal ensures that the uploaded content is relevant, interesting, unbiased (not hurting the feelings of any entity), and original. Therefore, there is a dedicated team in the backend, each one within being certified and experienced enough to review any type of content. Once the content is published, the team thoroughly reads it and validates the post in terms of non-plagiarism, language, grammar, flow, and logic. Even before that, the content is checked for relevancy, originality, and useful/interesting factor.

Because of the included review process, the portal seriously has taken care of the visitor’s trust as well as loyalty. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the new portal is likely to go viral in no time, once the marketing efforts start giving fruits. Both authors and readers, of any mood or liking, are likely to benefit mutually under one roof and on single platform.

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GetInspire is the new portal that accepts content in the form of articles and videos for making it go viral. It has a thorough review process to ensure that the content is original, interesting, and relevant to the niche. For more information, visit

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