Westwell, Kent, United Kingdom, September 28, 2013 — Located amidst the stunning woodland of Westwell, Kent, Jack Raven Bushcraft training program can be an amazing experience of developing some unique creative skills in the serenity and peaceful forest environment. The training aims at creating a wider level of awareness on this fascinating subject of Bushcraft and helping people to explore their creative side while trying to think and create some amazing Bushcrafts. Learning Bushcraft can be fun while one can also gain immense knowledge about the woodlands, environment and the wildlife. 

All courses at Jack Raven Bushcraft have been designed to give people knowledge and also offer a recreational experience to all training enthusiasts. “Our aim is to instruct trainees in all aspects of the subjects of Bushcraft while keeping the programs as exciting and fascinating. The woodland where we conduct our trainings is a different world and people here have lots many things to explore and learn,” reveals the Head of the Training Coordinators at Jack Raven Bushcraft. 

The concept of Bushcraft was first introduced by Mark Austin who himself was an avid Bushcraft enthusiast. He conceptualized Forest Bushcraft courses with an objective of providing a wealth of knowledge to the training enthusiasts besides teaching them the Bushcraft skills. At Jack Raven Bushcraft, besides Learning Bushcraft trainees can also have the opportunity of learning about hunting, fishing and tracking and other such exciting activities. The instructors are highly experienced and they believe in making the training programs more fun-filled and adventurous. 

Trainers at Jack Raven Bushcraft take training enthusiasts to various expeditions where they learn a variety of life skills and enrich their knowledge as well. Moreover, they try to make training tailor-made to suit every group’s training and learning requirements more suitably. Training programs have been specifically designed keeping the profiles of the trainees in concern. For different trainee profiles, such as school students, youth groups, families, corporate groups and others, different types of training courses can be designed to offer them the maximum advantage they are intending to achieve. One can check their range of courses that are listed on their website http://www.jackravenbushcraft.co.uk/ . 

About Jack Raven Bushcraft 

Jack Raven Bushcraft courses are offered in quite stunning ancient woodland that is located in Westwell, Kent, 50 miles away from the centre of London. The training area is spread over 60 acres of beautiful broadleaf woodland. All Bushcraft training courses are designed to offer simple, practical and repeatable skills, amidst lots of fun and excitement. They offer customized training programs that can meet the requirements of different groups. 

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