San Diego, CA - May 22, 2015 - College radio can often be an understated gem. Many college radio stations elect to curate playlists of high quality, often independent artists to provide their listeners with a unique experience unlike anything they’ve heard before. That’s the case with KBGA, the University of Montana’s student radio station.

While living in Missoula, Montana, software engineer and veteran website creator Steve Klebanoff became hooked on KBGA because of the station’s ability to consistently surprise and delight his expanding musical palette. After moving from Missoula, Klebanoff was unable to easily tune-in to KBGA. Spotify had become his music platform of choice, but he was disappointed by the music discovery options provided by the service. He missed the eclectic curation KBGA provided., Klebanoff’s new website, is designed to be a solution to his problem. is a place where ‘wonderfully curated playlists arranged by the best independent radio DJ’s can be shared with the world.’ Using a combination of music cataloging services and some technical know-how, Klebanoff’s new website culminates Spotify content, exciting visuals, and accessible functionality to present highly curated, instantly streamable playlists from independent radio stations such as KBGA.

After months of tweaking and finalizing the app, Klebanoff has released it publicly to share his love of music discovery. Visit to join a revolution of beautiful music content!

Steve Klebanoff
[email protected]