11gifted students shine as the city’s ASSET Talent Scholars 

o 347 gifted students have earned the title of ASSET Talent Scholars by topping the Duke

TIP ASSET Talent Search in India and UAE

o Highest performers in Mathsfrom Class 7 fromDehradun city: ShreyTibrewal from

Welham Boys' School 

o Highest performers in English from Class 7from Dehradun city: SanjumDhaliwal 

o Highest performers in Sciencefrom Class 7 from Dehradun city: PranavGoel 

o Highest performers in Mathsfrom Class 8 from Dehradun city: AbhirajLamba from The

Doon School 

o Highest performers in Sciencefrom Class 8 from Dehradun city: EkamveerGuron from

The Doon School 

April 2015, Dehradun:Educational Initiatives (EI), one of India’s leading Assessment and

Research companies in the education sector has recently announced results of its ‘Duke TIP

ASSET Talent Search Program’, a nationwide revolutionary innovation launched in August 2014

in association with Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP), USA.The program

seeks to identify the hidden and finest scholastic talents among students of Mathematics,

Science and English subjects.

This year, 347 gifted students topped this Talent Search in India by participating in its national

diagnostic test conducted on November 30, 2014, out of which 11 students are from

Dehradun.These toppers have earned the title of ASSET Talent Scholars.The Maximum numbers

of ASSET Talent Scholars are from The Doon School. However, overall around 96 students

participated from the city in ASSET Talent Search.

This talent search programis an extension of EI’s patent assessment test ‘ASSET’, practised by

more than 3.5 lac students all over India, UAE, Kuwait and Singapore every year, since 2001.

ASSET is the scientifically designed diagnostic test, which helps to identify strengths and

weaknesses of individual students in subjects such as English, Maths and Science. It evaluates

students’ conceptual understanding rather than promoting rote learning. Around 3,200

students participated in ‘Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search Programme’this year,out of 3 lakhs

students who took ASSET test and proved their scholastic talents in Mathematics, Science and

English subjects.

This year’s test was challenging and offeredan insight into a child’s learning abilities which

helped parents and teachers in planning their child’s future for high school and beyond.

Speaking about the achievers in Dehradun, Mr. Sridhar Rajagopalan, Managing Director,

Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd., said, “This year, we have received an encouraging response

from Dehradun. I congratulate all the toppers for their active participation and appreciate their

hard work to reach at this stage. Though the winners of this annual scholastic test, also known

as ASSET Talent Scholars, have been acknowledged and appreciated, there is a need to

recognize them by the educational community at large.”

One of the highlights of this program is that the subject wise top 10 percentile scorers are given

an opportunity to attend the prestigious Summer Studies Program organised in USA and India.

Summer Studies Program serves as an opportunity of a lifetime for these students. This unique

program is tastefully designed by experts to widen the learning horizons of students in many

exceptional subjects like Cryptography, Neuroscience, DNA, Creative Writing, and

Entrepreneurial Leadership. The teaching is provided by renowned faculty from USA.


Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. (EI in short), is an educational research & assessment

organization. Founded by a group of IIT and IIM-A alumni, EI aims to work towards improving

quality of education in our schools. It is recognised as South Asia’s leading assessment expert.

Two international sources — the Spanish Bankinter Foundation for Innovation and the American

newspaper Huffington Post independently listed EI among the top 25 educational innovators in

the world. It is India’s largest and arguably the only organization outside the Government

focused exclusively on improving and measuring student learning outcomes in school