(Free Press Release) Before we start breaking New Year in March or quarts, let‘s at least try to prioritize some of the most important ones for our children. Of course, encouraging our children to improve their reading and writing skills may be among the most meaningful and necessary goals for 2011.

Over the previous decade, U.S. schools have made new efforts to improve reading scores and many children from middle class households have seen improvement. Still, lower income children continue to lag behind in reading skills and the U.S. continues to lag behind other Western nations in reading and writing ability.

Online story writing wills defiantly helps you children to improve to their writing as well as reading skill with fun. Every one is crazy for online job, similarly kids love to write online rather then using pen and paper. Infect they are much more crazy for computer games. Parents can appreciate them and teach on how to create a story or where he/she made mistake.

Small kids hate to go in school or in play group. And as working mother it is very difficult to improve writing skill at home. In this situation free online writing helps you lot. You just have to turn on your computer to teach how to write and read.

Parental involvement is a must in improving children‘s reading skills and the earlier the encouragement, the more positive the outcome in a child‘s later years. Little Write Brain strongly advises our growing network of concerned parents to read to their children, encourage them to tell stories and allow their imaginations to manifest themselves into written sentences or works of art. It is by harnessing the creative minds of young learners that we can build a more thoughtful and intellectual world community.

Ila Mehta is the Creator of LittleWriteBrain.com. Frustrated by the homogeneity and commercialization of contemporary storybook literature aimed at young children, she brainstormed a story writing site that enables young learners to develop their own customizable storybook literature. Personalized storytelling and Story Writing empowers children to take pride in their individuality. For more details visit http://www.littlewritebrain.com/