21, June 2016: Low-carbon life means a kind of lifestyle in which people do their best to reduce energy consumption and carbon greenhouse gas emission. It is of vital importance for the whole world to practice the low-carbon lifestyle. Natural resources and energy are limited; therefore, it is absolutely necessary for us to save and protect them. In order to protect our environment from serious greenhouse effect, we need a low-carbon emission. Airwheelself-balancing electric scooter practices low-carbon concept by itself.

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Airwheelself-balancing electric scooter is the state-of-the-art means for mobility transportation with technology adopted from the aerospace industry.The Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter is green and light mobility vehicle which can be easily carried onto buses or subways to make daily commutes more convenient, sparing no efforts to design and produce eco-friendly electric scooters, and provides people with a healthy, natural and safe transportation in every small aspect.


Airwheel is small, easy to take onto bus and subway, which avoids working between terminals and destinations. It is electricity, not human power, so it is more efficient than working, but doesn't exhaust waste gas as driving which can be regarded as a transportation combined high speed and energy saving. What’s more, Airwheel adopts maglev motor, which mutes the noise. Riding Airwheel standing up electric scooter, such as the X series, Q series, Z series and some models of S seriesregularly can improve balancing ability and nerve reflex flexibility which trains shoulders, ridge, arms and legs. Although it is powered by electricity, it consumes certain heats and helps us lose weight and build up our body.


Airwheel changes the sub healthy condition like strain, obesity, oppression and lets us enjoy our work and life healthily and optimistically every day. Airwheel self-balancing mini electric scooter makes our work more effective and releases the pressure of work and helps us enjoy our life. Enjoy your natural lifestyle with Airwheel intelligent electric scooter.

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