WL Marketing has recently launched their own link building services, only a part of the bigger SEO services being offered by the company. They are offering various packages including directory submissions, article writing and submission, press release writing and submission and social bookmarking. Website owners and webmasters just need to select a package, inform the company about the domain name and the keywords for which search engine ranks are needed, and WL Marketing can get to work.

Link building is not a difficult job; the trick is that web businesses need to find the right websites with which links can be exchanged. Then the owner of these websites needs to be approached for the crucial back links. Link building services can be very challenging for most businesses.

First, links cannot be exchanged with all websites; there is the issue of PR, or Page Rank. So businesses need to select these websites carefully. Secondly, incoming links always matter more than outgoing links, so the business needs to focus on getting as many inbound links without giving away outgoing links as much as possible. And finally, link popularity is an ongoing process.

Very few online businesses have the knowledge, expertise, time, or the resources to do all of these steps efficiently, which is why many of them are turning to professional Search Engine Optimization services companies. WL Marketing is at the head of the pack because of the quick service they offer, their responsive and helpful customer service, and their ability to achieve real results for your company.

There are some SEO services that are carrying out “black hat” optimization techniques, or those that are frowned upon by search engine companies. Experts think these techniques might give good results in the short term, but that they always fail in the long run. In many cases, search engines can find them out and often penalize such websites. The approach of WL Marketing is not “black hat”; it is simple and comprehensive. The company always uses “white hat” techniques to achieve results and is thus always long-lasting.

Modern link building is much different than what it used to be. There was a time when web businesses had to find websites with a high page rank and link to them and then ask for a link back. But these days, link building includes submitting the website to directories, writing articles and submitting them to online directories, posting comments at forums and blogs, and much more. And best of all, the website can receive one-way incoming links with all of these activities. They are completely ethical, too. WL Marketing is doing all of this and much more.

About WL Marketing: WL Marketing offers the exact Search Engine Optimization services a client wants and needs. The company is different than the many competitors that are out there using not so above-board techniques. The team is headed by Warren Wong, a Cornell Computer Science graduate and co-founder of WM Media. The company offers real value and is taking new clients.

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