An exclusive brand does not rely on the high number of sales, instead it will make a few items that will be sold a lot longer before they are even produced. One of the best examples for this is cars and you can be sure you are not able to see the hottest brands and the exclusive designs at every corner of the street because they are exclusive.


When it comes to watches, the first thing you need to do is find a brand that you will be able to see eye to eye with. If you have no idea where to start, Louis Moinet is a very good example for this and you can be sure you will find a lot of options in their collections, but you need to decide which one you like best and which one fits you budget as well.


One of the best features of a Louis Moinet watch is the mecanograph, a great tool that is meant to offer you a more accurate way to keep track of time. Since you are looking for a brand that deals exclusively with a small number of clients, you need to find the watch that is able to fit your taste best of all and that you will not see it on other wrists.


The mecanograph was one of the developments Louis Moinet came up with about the same time when he was the President of the Chronometry Society of Paris and it was meant to offer a more accurate track of time so he could use it in order to observe all the things that went up on the sky at that time and to record all of these things as well.


The mecanograph is now a part of the watches that bear his brand and they can offer you a unique way to keep track of time as well. If you are curious to find out how many watches have been sold that had the same design as well, only 365 people from all over the world are able to buy this piece so you can rest assured it is an exclusive item.


But this is not the only option you have at hand and you can go for other designs as well. If you want to lower the number of watches that have been made just like the one you want to buy, you can turn your eyes to the Geograph Rainforest design since this was a watch that was made in a limited edition for only 120 lucky wearers instead.


If that is not exclusive enough for you, then you can visit the site of and you can check out some of the other models as well. Astralis has a collection of only 12 watches that have been made with the same design, but if you want to turn to the unique design that only you will be able to have, you have four options that you can go for.


An exclusive brand such as Louis Moinet is one of the best options you can use when you want to find a watch that not a lot of other people have. If you turn to the site named afore you will be able to check out mecanograph watches, but there are a few other options you can look at as well so you can be sure of the choice you will make.