Brussels — ABSS Europe has released Live City app delivering world events to your mobile device. 
Since events APIs became publicly available several apps showed up on the market. After having examined them, Sergei Peleshuk, the founder of Live City App, was disappointed for not having found a comprehensive solution. Market research showed him that there were many more users in search for a solution for events that would be more user centered, complete and easy to use. This is how Live City App was founded in August 2012. 

One of the main target audiences for Live City app is travelers. If that hip young traveler has an iPhone or iPad, they can pull Live City right up and find out what all the locals are getting into that night. And, of course, anybody can use Live City app: it is definitely the kind of thing anyone should tap into to get a little outside of their comfort zone and explore what’s going on in their own city, whether it is entertainment, family or professional events.

Live City App brings the whole world of events at the tip of your fingers. It provides capabilities to navigate through events with the help of a map, perform complicated searches, highlight events of your interest and share them with friends via social networks. Users can search for events by a particular geographical area, event category, time, or by key words.

In addition to that Live City app users can benefit from search profiles where they can save search criteria, configure notifications and alerts for each profile. Another unique capability is related to adding promotions and events: with the Add event functionality users can promote their own events by filling in the form and adding photos for events they promote. 


Some of the features at a glance:

- Global Coverage: Live City app collects events for every location in the world from multiple information sources including Eventful, Eventbrite, Facebook

- Structured: all events are assigned to a certain category and are displayed with a corresponding icon on the screen; also events have key words (tags) that are used in the search by key word

- Social Media Friendly: events can be Liked and shared via popular social media sites

- Intuitive navigation: users may navigate through the map or list view, apply various filters and save search criteria to profiles

- User centered: users configure the app to display only events of their interest, matching certain categories, key words, new & favorite events, and by time period

- Multiple Profiles: by using multiple profiles users may select various types of events (by geography, category, time, etc.) and display them together on the same map or in a list view. Email notifications and alerts are associated with profiles and can be configured for each profile independently. 

About ABSS Europe (Advanced Business Strategies and Solutions)

ABSS Europe was founded by Sergei Peleshuk in Belgium in 2002. The main focus of ABSS Europe has been consulting services in business intelligence and data warehousing technologies. Live City App project was initiated in August 2012.

Contact name:
Sergei Peleshuk
[email protected]

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