January 16, 2017 - Vinny the Pug Enterprises has launched a global membership drive signaling the beginning of a ten-year quest to move towards universal NO-KILL. Every year over one-million healthy pets in shelters around the world are killed because there is never enough money.

CLUB NO-KILL 2027 is an International Fundraiser club for Animal Shelters and Pet Rescues.  It employs revolutionary fundraiser models which the club has developed that are largely immune from negative economic influences.  The club’s new fundraisers are designed to increase intake by as much as 90% over the most popular donation based fundraisers in use.  Their new systems for raising money will enable shelters and rescues to wage highly effective fundraisers designed for today’s economy.  Adequate fundraising will lead to discontinuing the act of killing healthy pets as an acceptable policy to achieve population control.  CLUB NO-KILL is first to create a blue-print for a global network of interactive club members to coordinate their fundraisers in real-time.  The ultimate destination for the club is to reach universal “Sustained NO-KILL” within a decade.


Throughout the first three - months of the New Year, CLUB NO-KILL will concentrate on growing its membership up to 1,000.  That period will be used to calibrate their recruiting, training, administrative, fulfillment and operations capabilities.  By the second half of the year it will launch the next enrollment campaign to add another 3,000 members.  Then, by this time next year the clubs anticipate being ready to conduct an unfettered recruitment campaign aimed at the estimated 20,000 to 25,000 shelters and rescues around the world.  One-hundred Bloggers who write about Pets, Art and Fashions are also invited to join the club as Affiliate members.


FREE MEMBERDHIP entitles shelters and rescues to be paid up to 10% of profits from their fundraisers.  New members in this category are given a FREE $250 Quick-Fundraiser kit.

SPONSORED MEMBERSHIP entitles members to be paid up to 25% of profits from fundraisers.  They receive a FREE $500 Quick-Fundraiser kit.

TOP DOG MEMBERSHIP entitles shelters and rescues to be paid up to 45% of profits from fundraisers.  As premium members, they receive a FREE $1,000 Quick-Fundraiser kit.

Bloggers who write about Pet, Graphic Arts and Fashion are paid up to 12% of profits derived from their website sales.

Animal Shelters and Pet Rescues should have been in operation for at least one-year of verifiable service, (i.e. 501C3 or equivalent documentation).

MEMBERSHIP SIGN-UP  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090a45ada92fa4f85-animal

To raise, donate and divide One-Million dollars among One-Thousand deserving shelters and rescues who’ll each be awarded a $1,000 Grant.

To develop an array of proactive Internet based fundraisers for the exclusive use by shelter and rescue club members. To teach, equip and enable members to conduct highly effective, proactive fundraisers 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

By 2027, the club will have established a global fundraiser network of interactive animal shelters and pet rescues.  They will have established the “CLUB NO-KILL FOUNDATION” to help advocate for and underwrite projects promoting and leading to universal FREE Spaying and Neutering.

Two crowd fund campaigns will launch in January on behalf of club members who’ve selected to join as FREE members.  The purpose of the campaign is to pay the cost of upgrading the membership of 1,000 Free to Top Dog memberships to increase their entitlements by 35%.  The sites are located at:  www.clubnokill2027.com  and www.vinnythepug.com

CLUB NO-KILL 2027 is an exclusive fundraiser organization for Animal Shelters and Pet Rescues. The Basic Membership is FREE and enables members to earn up to 10% of sales profits from their fundraisers. Sponsored and Top Dog Members are paid from 25% to 45% of sales profits.  New members receive a FREE Quicker- Fundraiser kit for $250, $500 and $1,000 respectively.  A limited number of Bloggers Affiliates who join are earning up to 12% from their website sales profit.

This invitation has been extended to Animal Shelters and Pet Rescues regardless of country of origin, but subject to their local customs and laws.  Eligible shelters and rescues are encouraged to join early as open enrollment is subject to closing without prior notification.



Allen Kimble, Jr.
Vinny the Pug Enterprises
[email protected]