If you are among the growing number of women and men who have the opportunity to use a home office for gainful employment, your first challenges will be how you can organize a home office.

Since the mid 1990's, with the advent of the internet, there has been a continuously growing number of experts - administrative personnel, bookkeepers, graphic artists, and freelance writers to name only a few - who have found a niche for their unique talents working virtually - literally from home. The money employers save by employing contractors who pay their own taxes signifies unbelievable savings. But there are also significant savings associated with the no-longer-necessary physical office, office equipment and the cost of overhead including utilities and office supplies, can be passed on to virtual staffers.

Be warned. Working from home is not for everybody. First of all, there are logistical issues. Do you have the space? Does your new home office have a phone? A door you can close? Is your internet connection reliable? Do you have a block of time every day to devote specifically to your home-work?

There are also additional, more subtle challenges associated with working at home. Some people lack the discipline essential to manage themselves in such flexible conditions If you have small children or are caring for an elderly parent, it can be difficult to separate your business duties from your household tasks. However, if you can get beyond these obstacles, you might be ready to enlist a few home office organizationideas.

Spend some time researching how successful home-office workers manage their time and their resources. One fantastic place to begin is a website called Inspired Home Office.com. This website was established by a work-at-home-pro who provides useful guidance and proven suggestions to make your home office hum along easily. The home office organization tips you can find at inspiredhomeoffice.com which include ratings and reviews of home office organization products so that you might maintain a professional tone in your workspace. Ms. Hoffman also provides sanity ideas which come in handy for those whose transition from office worker to home-worker is rife with problem.

One of the secrets of running a business from home is keeping regular hours. As your office is in familiar territory, it's easy to forget to leave the office at the end of the day. It is also dangerously easy to let your "life schedule" hinder your "work schedule." Successful home office managers agree that the boss in their new office isn't nearly as flexible as the bosses they used to have in the "real world."

While some think working from home will save time and cash on buying a professional wardrobe for the office. Not everybody who works from home goes to work in their pajamas. Particularly those who work on the telephone say that they wake up each morning, dress and arrive at "work" looking good enough to make an impression on their old bosses. These ladies swear that their telephone manners and persuasive skills are keener when they look the part of a professional. One idea is to keep a mirror nearby the telephone. We cannot help but smile whenever we see ourselves and that smile could be "heard" on the other end of the line.

Just as important as your work attire can be, so is the way you fund and manage your work environment. A small filing cabinet might be useful, but if you can't afford one just yet, look into the portable plastic file boxes which can be found at local office supply shops.

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