The Indian General Elections are just a few days away. Political talks, debates, rallies and speeches are filling the economic as well as political environment. Many parties are contesting the elections but which one will emerge as winner is still very hard to tell. This year’s elections will be one of the longest, biggest and costliest elections in our history and will be held in nine phases spanning from 7th April to 12th May 2014. Political parties are doing their best to connect to the masses and gain popularity and votes. Keeping the millions of voters in mind IBN-Lokmat presents Aamne Samne, an exclusive show featuring interactive conversations between political leaders, representatives from various cities and the common public. Tune in to IBN-Lokmat this Saturday the 5th of April at 8.00 pm & 11pm and Sunday at 10am & 9.30pm to hear the leaders’ debate with each other on Nagpur issues and the Loksabha elections and answer questions raised by our audiences only on Aamne Samne. This show of Aamne Samne is presented by Hero & co presented by AJNARA.

Aamne Samne will be hosted by the much loved Mr. Nikhil Wagle in different cities of Maharashtra starting from Mumbai then Nagpur, Pune, Nasik, Kalyan and concluding with Mumbai again. The show will have contesting candidates from various cities of Maharashtra. There will be around 100-150 people watching the show live and asking these leaders their questions and queries. Awareness of the Indian public is what will count during this voting season since India needs a strong government in future to solve issues like poverty, slow growth and corruption. People must be aware while voting and should avoid being carried away with false manifestos, promises and cultural factors. Only a strong government can make India a strong nation globally. Aamne Samne will provide a clearer picture and provide more information to the viewers so that each and every voter can make an informed choice.

Tune in to IBN-Lokmat this Saturday the 5th of April at 8.00 pm & 11pm and Sunday at 10am & 9.30 pm to watch Aamne Samne and to hear the contesting candidates speak to the audience and solve their queries.