Zorbax eclipse plus c18 offers superb performance when it comes to silica based columns. To take care of most challenging components, Eclipse Plus is used and due to its improving efficiency and high resolution quality, it is widely sought after. Day by day, silica manufacturing industry is becoming more powerful and devising better ways to get desired results. For perfect development of all the sample, eclipse plus method is the ideal one.


To get better results and fine quality products, you should always choose an Eclipse column that has high resolution 1.8 µm particulars. Whatever method you choose, it does not matter as easy transferring is very easily possible. Traditional 5 µm Eclipse plus Columns and Rapid Resolution 3.5 µm Eclipse Plus columns are quite widely popular and they are easily combined too.



The performance level is quite high, ensuring peak shape, lifetime, efficiency and resolution. And the best part it is found in all sample types including acids, neutrals and bases.

The results are unique and excellent for all range of components and thus serve as an ideal column for method development.

Superb reproducing ability with more rigorous QA/QC testing feature.

Patented Improved, silica manufacturing system.

It is widely available in 1.8, 3.5, and 5 μm particle sizes for all analytical, high resolution, and fast LC tests and analysis.



To develop products in their initial stages, Zorbax eclipse plus c18 is used owing to the property of high resolution and superb peak shape of all types of compounds. By bonding the particles in a dense manner and by implementing a double-endcapping procedure, you will achieve fine quality performance. So, zorbax eclipse plus c18 will give you commendable silica performance, along with endcapping reagents, and a unique bonding process that is best used to produce improved silica.


The recent Zorbax Eclipse Plus line has been extended to include two new bonded phases and they are a phenyl hexyl bonded phase — plus a C18bonded phase for PAH separations. These C18 columns are also used to separate phenols and other environmental analytes from each other. In this way, you are getting more choices in terms to choose an optimal combination for your use and necessity.


It does not matter, where you are going to specialise in to. It can be in pharmaceuticals, chemical analysis, foods, flavors, or environmental testing industry and no doubt, Waters HPLC column along with Eclipse Plus columns offer reliable HPLC methods. In fact, the best part is that you can easily modify, transfer or replace the existing methods from any site, without inviting hassles resulting out of change or variability in the results. So, to enjoy the freedom of choices and best ultra-fast results, you can easily rely upon this compound. Like any other Eclipse columns, it helps you achieve superior performance and best results.


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