Previously, the frequently mentioned vehicles for Airwheel are electric scooters, skateboards or intelligent helmets. But here we will pay attention to its electric bicycles. Firstly Airwheel rolls out E6 and E3 intelligent e bikes which are both collapsible without chain. They appear with peculiar shape and special designed folding ways. Later than that, Airwheel unveils its electric assist bike R5 which has the chain structure just like traditional bikes. Although R5, E6 and E3 are all electric bikes, they have some different places.

To begin with, the new arrival R5 Smart E Bike is superior to any other similar products since users can have three ride styles: man-powered, power and power-assisted styles. Under the power-assisted styles, there are totally eleven levels of gear for users to choose. Of course, it can be also a tool for keeping fitness under the pure man powered mode. This is the uniqueness that is different from E series.

As for the sameness between R series and E series, they share the folding feature, modular battery with USB interface and small size etc. All of them can be used with the combination of public transporting vehicles like bus, subway or private cars. Here is a gentle reminder that you’d better ride R5 electric power bicycle when you plan to have a long distance journey.

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Now let’s go back to E series folding e bikes. The first impression for E6 and E3 must be the prominent figures, E6 shows like an “X” and E3 shows like a double “O”. Particularly worth mentioning is the packing of E3 backpack electric bike. Two wheels will be dropped down to the double “O” so that E3 can be taken in a backpack. Both E6 and E3 saves parking space and is portable to carry.

In the final analysis, it’s a matter of preference.

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