One of the Top Cash for Cars NJ service obtains over $ 600,000 in financing from private investor that will allow the company to fund the purchase of more than 200 -300 used vehicles on monthly basis.  This new funding will also be allocated towards the much needed service of providing  cash for junk cars nj and wrecked or water damaged vehicles  directly related to the Hurricane Sandy and Nor’ Easter  devastation.

For people who need to sell a car fast in New Jersey, this service could be your best option. NJ Cash for Cars is one of the highest rated in the industry. The service helps consumers avoid the rush of trading a car in and being irritated by those dealers that just lowball you to death. So, no more wasting precious time  when you simply opt for the finest and most reliable auto buyer . NJ Cash for Cars motto is to provide the best possible price on any car, Guaranteed!!

The company will also buy out existing loans of customers. They take any kind of car in various conditions, whether it is wrecked or junk cars.  They will provide top dollar and fast service from the nastiest junk car up to the latest Mercedes and will offer a tow service with no charge. They provide no haggle quote and a bargain free setting for all sellers.

Aside from purchasing used and junk cars, NJ Cash for Cars also provides a trade in program when customers plan to buy another used vehicle. This is an efficient way for clients to save on various charges such as sales tax. For those who are planning to purchase a used car, NJ Cash for Cars can assess the car first and offer a precise report which will aid customer to choose whether or not to purchase the vehicle.

NJ Cash for Cars are dedicated to give remarkable customer satisfaction to their clients. People who are searching for the best option they can have for disposing their cars turn to Cash for Cars NJ service for aid. It is a company that offers the best reputation and the best price possible without the hassle of disposing the cars themselves.

Any queries please call NJ Cash for Cars customers’ hotline, (732)344-0299, or visit their website at for information about their new services.

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