A black engagement ring was only one of a number of pieces included in a showcase of round and oval jewellery drawn up by online style portal JCK Magazine.

The website, affiliated with a jewellery retailer, published their list earlier this month, with the intention of displaying some of the most unique-looking pieces of round and oval jewellery created by designers in the last few months.

The black engagement ring in question was a framed solitaire piece topped by a 1.89-carat rose-cut black diamond encased in an 18-carat gold band. A 0.12-carat arrangement of pave diamonds completed this piece, which gave off a somewhat medieval and definitely vintage vibe.

In keeping with the black-gemstone theme, the list in question also included a pair of onyx-encrusted silver cufflinks with an appealingly classic look. Other items, which opt for a darker aesthetic, such as the gold-and-silver necklace encrusted with aquamarines and pearls, the silver Art Deco earrings, or the sapphire-and-opaque-diamond pendant hanging from an 18-carat gold chain were all equally stunning.

In stark contrast to these stylishly dark pieces, the selection also included a number of items which opt for a distinctly more colourful and open look. The best example of this was the water-cut ring with stripes, made out of a number of different stones, providing a rainbow effect which is at once visually striking and extremely unique. Also included in this group was a hexagon-shaped amethyst pendant wrapped in 14k gold, an aquamarine-and-gold cuff and an 18-carat pair of earrings with mother-of-pearl and moon-quartz inserts.

More traditional pieces were also represented in this selection, namely through the inclusion of an adjustable silver ring with a gold leaf inset. The understated, classic look of this piece contrasted sharply with the other designs featured, but it was no less appealing.

Round and oval jewellery is expected to be one of the leading trends of the 2015 jewellery season, and the showcased pieces, all plucked from a show in Las Vegas, seem to be a clear indication of precisely that fact.

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