A black engagement ring with a unique, spiky look was one of many bespoke pieces to be exhibited at a special showcase of British jewellery designers, held early this month at a boutique in Los Angeles, USA.

Hosted by American luxury jewellery designer Stephen Webster at his LA gallery, the showcase featured a selection of jewellery items from no less than nine of the most exciting UK-based designers of bespoke jewels, including F&L Designer Guides partner Ornella Iannuzzi.

Iannuzzi’s contributions to this exhibit included a triple-star ring, as well as a number of other pieces showcasing the designer’s innovative mix of gemstones and diamonds. This approach, however, represented only a drop in the ocean of different-looking, and feeling, pieces the participating designers offered up for display and purchase.

Perhaps the most original, among these aesthetic options, was a piece by Jacqueline Cullen, the jeweller responsible for the spiky black engagement ring mentioned earlier. In keeping with the designer’s tough, strong personality, her pieces present a punkish aesthetic with many of them featuring porcupine-like quills and black diamonds adding to their unique look.

Less controversial pieces, from a visual perspective, were no less original such as the offerings by participants like Yunus & Eliza, Melanie Georgacopoulos and Imogen Belfield. Belfield’s collection came perhaps closest to Cullen’s aesthetic approach with her rock-like designs inspired by ancient Greek and Roman pieces. Yunus & Eliza also derived their inspiration from mythology, giving it an appealing modern twist. Georgacopoulos, on the other hand, stood out for her use of organic stones and pearls in artful, modern pieces.

Other exhibitors at the one-day event — dubbed the ‘Rock Vault’, included Alice Cicciolini, Jo Hayes Ward, Fernando Jorge and Tomasz Donocik.

The Stephen Webster boutique is one of the most highly-regarded bespoke jewellery shops in Los Angeles, and the designer regularly uses part of it as a showroom for just these sorts of exhibitions.

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