USA - The Free AVI to MPEG Converter is a software application that helps users to convert their AVI files to MPEG format. The reason for conversion is mainly when files need to be used for video streaming purposes.

It is very easy for users to use this software tool. Once the program is installed, downloaded and initiated, the next step is to select which files need to be converted and upload them to the converter. At this time, users can review the list of conversion and either defer files for later conversion or even remove files from the queue. The next step for users is to review the destination folder. The Free AVI to MPEG Converter selects the source folder to be the destination folder by default. This can be changed according to the users’ convenience.

There are many advantages of suing the Free AVI to MPEG Converter . One is that it supports batch conversion. This saves time for users, as all files to be converted can be added at once. There is an auto shutdown option, which enables the computer to be shut down as soon as conversion is completed. The quality of the file is not compromised during the conversion process, and the output file is always the best quality.

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About AVI to MPEG Converter

The Free AVI to MPEG Converter is a software application tool that converts video files from AVI to MPEG. It is fast and simple to use. This is from a reliable company and the software is free from viruses and malware, so users can download this software without any hesitation.

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