USA - The Free AVI to AVCHD Converter is a software application tool to help users convert files from the AVI to the AVCHD format. There might be many reasons why this conversion is needed. The most common reason is for better compatibility on the particular device the file is intended to be played on.

The Free AVI to AVCHD Converter is easy to use. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand even for someone who is new to computers. There are limited but sufficient options available on the interface. There is an Add Files button, which is to upload the files to be converted to the converter. There is also an Add Folder button, which allows users to add the contents of an entire folder to this converter tool. Users have the option to select a few files and remove them from the conversion queue. Users can also select a few files to be converted at the time and some files to be deferred for later conversion.

The Free AVI to AVCHD Converter has another very useful option, which is to save the output file in the source folder. This makes it easier for users to locate the files. This option, however, can be changed by the user at any time during the conversion.

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About AVI to AVCHD Converter

The Free AVI to AVCHD Converter is a software application tool that converts video files from AVI to AVCHD. It is fast and simple to use. This is from a reliable company and the software is free from viruses and malware, so users can download this software without any hesitation.

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