USA - The Free 3GP to MPEG Converter is a very handy tool that helps users to convert 3GP files to MPEG format. 3GP files are mainly used on mobile applications, while MPEG is a bit more versatile when compared to 3GP. The Free 3GP to MPEG Converter converts these files efficiently and fast.

The steps to use this converter are very simple, owing to the very minimalistic user interface that is extremely easy to use and understand. Users can follow a few simple steps to convert files from 3GP to MPEG. The first step is to click on Add files and browse through and select the 3GP files that need to be converted. Once the files are uploaded, they are added to a conversion queue. If users decide that certain files do not need to be converted, they can remove them from the queue. Users can alter the quality or resolution of the output file as per their requirement. The application, by default, sets the destination folder to the source folder in which the original file was located. This option too, like all other option, can be modified at anytime during the conversion as per users’ convenience.

All these features and great compatibility across different platforms make the Free 3GP to MPEG Converter a must have tool.

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About 3GP to MPEG Converter

The Free 3GP to MPEG Converter is a software application tool that converts video files from 3GP to MPEG. It is fast and simple to use. This is from a reliable company and the software is free from viruses and malware, so users can download this software without any hesitation.

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