Italy, June 3, 2014: Music is the passion of many and there are numerous talented artistes in the World. However, many of them do not get recognition due to lack of opportunity and exposure. 99 Waves has been formed to provide that platform to all the emerging and existing talent. It is an independent Italian EDM label and is quite young in the industry. It has been started by Midi Mood Group and, therefore, offers a kind of assurance for recognition of talent. The e-label accepts recordings only via its online platform in order to maintain integrity and a well defined process for the purpose.

The parent group of 99 Waves is or remarkable mention. Midi Mood Group is a specialist in music and has made a position in the industry and the market. It is comprised of Picche Records, Midi Mood Records and Diagonal Records as well as its limited versions. As a whole, the Italian EDM label group provides specialist service in various genres of music such as Techno, Deep, Minimal, Nu Disco, Indie Dance and House. It was originally founded by the association of independent Italian producers Massimo Masi, who is also known as Code Nemesis, and David Ravalli, who is also known as Edo Mela. It is notable that both the producers have different music background and follow different style. However, both of them are alike in terms of their passion towards music and supporting talent to help the community survive.

The product of Mimi Mood Group, 99 Waves is an independent Electronic Dance Music Records platform that specialises in releasing dance music of the top quality into the market. Due to adequate support and efficient functioning mechanism, 99 Waves has emerged and evolved as an Italian EDM label company. Its relentless focus on discovery, development and exposure of new talent promises to offer due recognition to music producers. The company intends to eliminate the traditional boundaries that unofficially exist in music industry. The primary mode of strategy of achieving it is by releasing new innovative recordings that have the potential to be the club classics in the future.

The Italian EDM label highly emphasises on cutting-edge production that can make a mark in the global scale. In other words, 99 Waves complements the passion of music producers with its robust and efficient music label service. Music producers can send any kind of EDM productions via the link at the contact page of the official website. The company accepts only original work with no copyright infringement, mash-up, remix or cover. Only the selected producers are contacted.

About 99 Waves:


99 Waves is an independent Italian EDM label that has been newly founded by David Ravalli and Massimo Masi. It is a part of Midi Mood Group and facilitates any kind of EDM that is original and of good quality. It specialises in 6 different genres of electronic dance music labels.