Now that Christmas is just around the corner, Kitchen Supreme surprises customers with great discounts! The Chalkboard stickers sold by this provider have a special holiday price. Customers can purchase the new, improved 73 Chalkboard Label Pack, coming with the chalk marker for $14.84. Kitchen Supreme offers a discount of over 60%, the normal price, before the sale, being of $39.99.

Chalkboard sticker labels are very practical. Their main purpose is that of de-clustering a space. Most customers found these stickers to be very helpful in properly organizing all the rooms in their house. From the garage to the kitchen and even the living room or bedroom, these chalkboard labels for jars and not only are a creative solution to a problem all homeowners are very familiar with. Once placed on drawers, jar or box, they organize the space. Plus, the Kitchen Supreme chalkboard label stickers have lovely designs, offering all spaces a touch of elegance. This is actually one of the reasons for which it is so simple to incorporate the labels in all rooms.

Kitchen Supreme customers however found other ingenious uses for these vinyl stickers, making them even more practical. According to several reviews received, customers found it very simple to use the labels when planning wedding or family events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“We used these for our wedding. Each one had a number and that was how we did table assignments. They are very easy to write on and easy to reuse. Highly recommend”, review found on the Kitchen Supreme Amazon page by one of the chalkboard label customer.

The discount is motivated by the upcoming holidays, as Kitchen Supreme owner is convinced that customers can easily find multiple uses for the labels. These can be easily used in gift wrapping, in putting together family Christmas dinners and even in creating handmade tree decorations. In his opinion, the Kitchen Supreme chalkboard labels make a fine investment, being easily re-useable and highly practical.

About the product

Kitchen Supreme has released the new 73 label pack, coming with special stickers for spice jars. All stickers are made from high quality vinyl, lasting over a long period of time. They are also re-usable. The writing on the stickers is easily removable. Plus, the package contains a chalk marker with a reversible tip, allowing users to write on all labels, including those of a small size.

About the company

Small family business, started in 2013 and based in New York, Kitchen Supreme is currently selling three different products on trustworthy ecommerce platforms such as Amazon. The goal of this company is to achieve a complete customer satisfaction, which is why Kitchen Supreme is constantly improving its products. Based on the reviews and feedback received, the provider knows exactly what needs to be changed.

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