Shenzhen, China - PCBs (Printed Circuit Board, also called Printed Wiring Board) play a pivotal role in electronics for the making of electronic gadgets. It is a board where the components are mounted during the construction procedure and also offers support to the components as well as a means to establish an electrical connection amid the different components.

With the increasing demand for electronic gadgets both for domestic usage as well as for hi-tech industrial purposes, the importance PCB Design, Processing & Manufacturing services have also increased and is very efficiently offering such services to thousands of clients all across the globe. 5pcb services have become so very popular among its clients because the site aims at offering clients with quick turnaround PCB prototypes and pcb production in small batches and their low PCB price and high quality pcb products coupled with excellent service are some great attractions for customers. is the online entity of the top rated company D.M Electronic International Limited. The company is a top rated PCB manufacturer China. The experienced and professional team of the company consists of highly eligible engineers with special degree in management, technology and operation and this team works dedicatedly in render a vast range of electric services from designing of PCB, speedy PCB prototypes, small batched PCB productions, PCB assembly, PCB prototype assembly, pcb fabricators services etc. The PCB design offered by the company is flawless and most effective because a PCB Calculator is offered by the site to calculate exact PCB parameters

“We try our best to offer our clients the fastest and easiest experience in getting PCB Quotations, buying  pcb prototypes  and PCB-related services. Our team of experts helps us manufacture high quality products and we manufacture our goods with the help of very fine precision tools that are imported right from Germany, from renowned manufacturers. Thus we can offer such an extensive range PCB services and also touch the high water mark of excellence. We maintain very high standard professional ethics and also deliver our services as fast as possible” says a team member.

The products of the company are utilized in various sectors. For example clients use them in the genre of computers, communication, instrumentation, medical treatment, micro-electronics, aviation and automated-control. Through the website of this company; i.e.  5pcb  clients can free PCB quote online but for that they need to register first and become one of the registered clients of the company. The company has been awarded the certifications like ISO14001, ISO9001-2000 and has also been certified with the UL-TS16949. “These guys offer the best prices for PCB products and their PCB Products are best quality as well!” says a happy shopper.

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