Our hands lead the body in most every day movements so it comes as no surprise that hand strength is by many health professionals considered to be a pivotal part of fitness and performance, here are 5 reasons you need strong hands.

1.    It Makes Day-to-Day Tasks Easier
Whether it is opening that stiff jar lid or turning on an old tap, there are countless small tasks around the house that demand hand strength. In these types of situations a lack of hand strength can limit or delay you in completing a simple task on your to-do list. To make these tasks easier we recommend using Hand Grippers such as Supreme Squeeze for a few minutes a day to increase your hand, wrist and forearm strength.

2.    Hand Movement Minimises Stress
Think about when you are stressed or nervous, many people fidget with their hands or hold them tightly. By engaging your hands and stimulating your grip strength you are automatically easing your stress levels as suddenly your nervous system is forced to focus on something other than what is causing the stir of emotion in your body. Ways to engage your hands is by using a stress ball or hand grippers.

3.    Strong and Defined Forearms are Considered Sexy
Who doesn’t want to appear as more attractive? Recent surveys have shown that women in particular are attracted to men with defined and muscular forearms. Men and women have also said that strong hands are seen as ‘sexy’.

4.    It Makes Training Large Muscle Groups Easier
When you have strong hands you can grip onto things easier and as a result are able to lift heavier weights and perform more complex physical movements which would have normally been limited by a lack of grip strength. Practising different bar grips such as reverse, over hand and split grip will help your hands to develop a better grip strength.

5.    People with Strong Hands are Less Likely to have Heart Problems
Scientific research has proven that when you have strong hands or use the hand, wrist and forearm muscle frequently you are less likely to experience heart problems later in your life. If you are unsure on how to exercise your hands we recommend trying the Supreme Squeeze Hand Grippers.