Available on 3DPageFlip.com, 3D PageFlip Professional v1.5.8 has officially been announced. The page flip software now allows users to convert images directly into flipbook format, and both the PDF and image can be imported, although not in the same exact project. Each one of these can be converted into a flipbook, adding to the already versatile capabilities of this unique software product.

In addition to supporting the direct conversion of images, the new version fixes several known bugs from the older versions. It fixes a problem with messy code, which would appear when users searched a 3D flipbook. The search function will now perform much smoother so readers do not have to contend with delays and other issues. A problem with mobile pages has also been fixed. Previously, mobile pages would become cluttered after a new page was added to the e-book ¨C this will no longer occur.

Also fixed is an error that would occur when some PDFs were imported. Combined, all of the new fixes and the added feature make 3D PageFlip Professional even more convenient to use than before. Flipbook conversion and reader experience will be better than ever. With an increased value, the company hopes to expand its reach even further as any type of company, or individual for that matter, can make use of the software. Plus, they don’t even need publishing or graphics experience to design a professional-looking digital 3D flippingbook

To import an image, the user just has to go to the import interface of the software. In the ¡°Create New section, there is a button that says ¡°Import Image¡± and beginning the process is as simple as a mouse click. The next screen provides a list of source files, while the user can add files, add a folder, remove items, or move up and down the list. Options include selecting the default width and height or the ability to set each of these, and then approve of the results by clicking ¡°OK¡±.

The same principle is involved as the rest of the interface of 3D PageFlip Professional. Version 1.5.8 is available now. For more information, visit the product page, see a demo, or download a free trial at http://www.3dpageflip.com/pageflip-3d-pro/index.html

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