3dpageflip.com has introduced the new Upload Online Service for publishing flipbooks created using the company’s flip book maker software.

Available to users of flippingbook software, a new Upload Online Service has been launched. It allows users to upload their flipping book for free or at a reasonable price if they want to upload a lot of flipbooks. The service provides a way to manage e-books conveniently and share the specific link to an online book with any other party.

The service enables an e-book to be displayed in the new bookcase feature, which provides a simple and visually appealing way to show the flipbooks available. This also makes it easier for publishers to market their creations to clients, customers, and business associates. In turn, the information, message, and products or services contained in the e-book can be promoted much more effectively.

The Upload Online Service can be used immediately after a book is completed. No FTP or other upload tools are required to get an e-book on the Internet, and people can view it using their web browser on a desktop or mobile device. Supported by the Amazon S3 cloud system, the service makes it easy to send the link to an e-book as an email, share it on social media, or embed the code into a webpage. It is not even necessary to have a website for people to see the digital flipbook.

With Amazon S3, every e-book is protected against data loss, infrastructure failures, unintended actions, and more. To access the service all users need to do is click the “Upload Online” button in the software. Users can access the system and their database by clicking “Manage Online Books”. A list of e-books is shown with options to edit book details, show or hide books, or even set their books for public or private sharing. All of this is done in little time and users can instantly set how they want their e-books to be seen.

The Upload Online Service is available now. Users can take full advantage of it whether they use 3d page flip software

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