(Free Press Release) 3D Film Factory‘s to give 3D seminar on the principles and art of stereoscopic filmmaking to the members of the IATSE Local 600.

Burbank, California - the 3D Film Factory (3DFF) is set to conduct a comprehensive, day-long stereoscopic 3D training session for all members of the International Cinematographers guild (local 600) Saturday, June 18th. Several of 3DFF‘s veteran stereographers will be on hand to conduct the seminar and demonstrate some of the latest 3D camera systems.

This comprehensive, hands-on session will impart to local 600 members the guiding principles and art of stereoscopic 3D production, as well as provide an opportunity to operate and align a 3D rig. As simple as this might sound, most 3D seminars don‘t let participants anywhere near a 3D rig.

“These kind of events are my favorite,” says 3D Film Factory‘s Director of Stereography, Keith Driver. “The chance to interact and teach 3D to a large group of skilled camera professionals is rewarding. These guys usually absorb at lot more than most groups, with great questions. They make it challenging.”

The 3D seminar will cover the following topics; 3D HD digital shooting, camera choices, genlock issues, lighting for 3D, beam-splitter VS side-by-side rig usage, as well as set-up , 3D shooting ratios, depth and pop, proper convergence, alignment, easy 3D post workflows and all the other details you need to know to create superior quality, eye-catching 3D entertainment.

3DFF‘s instructors (stereographers) are World-Class experts, with an average of 8 years, or more, of 3D filming and production experience. They‘ve shot for a wide variety of major clients including Discovery Channel, ESPN, NASA, Disney and many others.

3DFF 3D filmmaking workshops are typically administered on a year-round, monthly basis at the company‘s facility in San Diego, California. Times and dates are flexible as to customer needs, but a current, complete schedule can be found online. For information or registration call 619.384.4014 or visit us at www.3DFilmFactory.com

About the 3D Film Factory
The 3D Film Factory is the Worldwide leader in affordable, professional 3D camera systems. In addition we provide a host of 3D production services for hire, including 3D camera rigs, 3D viewing systems, stereographers and 3D post, as well as, monthly comprehensive 3D training workshops. Former clients include ESPN, NASA, DISNEY, HD CINEMA and DISCOVERY. For more information visit www.3DFilmFactory.com

About the International Cinematographers Guild (local 600)
The International Cinematographers Guild represents the most talented camera professionals and publicists in the world. The technicians and artisans in our union are the creators of the visual images on the big screen, the television screen and the computer screen. The Guild members include Directors of Photography, Camera Operators and Assistants, Visual Effects Supervisors, Still Photographers, Publicists and more. They are part of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. The IATSE is comprised of highly skilled technicians working in film, television, live entertainment, animation, special effects and new media. For more information visit https://cameraguild.com