Only few days left for nomination of Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013

31st July 2013 last date for nomination

To be organized on 1st Ocober 2013, the senior citizens day

Senior citizens more than 60 years of age eligible


“Hum Honge Kaamyab Ek Din” is probably the single line, every senior citizen will be singing now a days, because only few days are left for Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013, and  those who have filled in  nomination forms  must be waiting for 1st October 2013, when 19 winners will receive Indian Senior Citizen awards.


Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013 is a dream project of   social organization, being responsible. Based at Indore, organization aims to serve society and exploring the talents of senior citizens of our country is their goal.


It is presumed  that with growing age, a person becomes weak and cannot work, properly, but if we look around us only, we can find several old persons who despite growing age, are still fit and doing their work properly. Many of them, besides their own work are also  extracting time for doing social services for betterment of society and humanity. Under the situation, if such stalwarts are given due recognition and honored for their contribution to society and country as a whole, we are sure, a new energy will generate therein and they will discharge their services, more effectively.


On the other hand, we see other kinds of elderly persons also who have surrendered themselves before present circumstances. Such persons include retired persons who expect the same treatment and respect from homes and society, they have been receiving before retirement, and if due to one or another reason their desires are not fulfilled, they take it seriousely and punish themselves by becoming victims of unwanted ailments.Such elderly persons require additional care and    under the circumstances, some one is required to look at them so as to make them happy. being responsible, a social organization has been studying the feelings of elderly persons from inception  and searching the right opportunity to explore talents of senior citizens.


 With an intention to honor the elderly persons of the country, who have done extra ordinary work after 60 years of age, particularly for the benefit of society and humanity, being responsible is organizing an award competition titled “Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013”  to be held on 1st October, 2013, the senior citizens day.





The salient features of ISC 2013 are as under:


  • Any indian senior citizen above 60 years of age can participate in the competition


  • Participant will have to fill in nomination form and send the same to us before 31.07.2013


  • Total 19 winners will be selected by members of Jury


  • Each winner will receive cash prize, trophy, shawl-shreefal & certificate


Atul Malikram, President being responsible says “We have taken all care to send our invitation to maximum senior citizens of the country, and  have sent nomination forms to more than 50 cities till now. It is a matter of pleasure that senior citizens are taking interest in the event and  started sending duly filled in nomination forms to us, which will be sent to jury members for identifying winners. This is the first stone of success and we are confident that senior citizens will make ISC 2013 a grand success by actively participating in a very healthy competetion. We are thankful to famous actresses Farida Jalal and Deepti Nawal, popular singer Anup Jalota,  noted urdu poets Dr. Rahat Indori & Dr. Basheer Badra, Miss Iran,Melica Amina, Social worker Shabnam Hashmi for accepting our request to select winners of ISC 2013. Many more dignitaries are likely to be associated for a noble cause of honoring the real assets of society and universe as a whole.”


“ I make an appeal to all senior citizens of our country to reach us through their talents and prove that , age does not come in the way of doing any thing and one can start a new inning after 60 years of age” Atul added.


We are sure that senior citizens of the country will participate in Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013 with full enthusiasm and make the moment, memorable.




For further information, please contact:
Atul Malikram

+91 9755020247
[email protected]