Vancouver, BC - Many people are seeking weight loss “secrets”. Stubborn belly fat makes numerous people depressed and frustrated. “There is no secrets. A good fat loss diet program will help you a lot.” said David House, a fitness coach in Vancouver. “Here's the healthiest way to deplete carbs and create a short term MASSIVE calorie deficit and achieve extreme fat loss if you fall off track for a few days in a row while following you're living everyday life:” Added David,

“1. Try to consume zero starches or fruits for 3 or 4 days in a row during the week.
2. Increase your fats and double your servings of green cruciferous veggies on deplete days.
3. Double your daily water intake on deplete days and before noon on weekends.”

“But there are 3 tricks we can try”, David continued.

Weight Loss Diet Trick #1: Know WHEN and WHY you should cheat

1. To spark a dead metabolism from being on the crash diet yo-yo or constant low carb dieting.
2. To replenish and/or refill glycogen stores (“when you've low carbed yourself to death or exercised intensely for prolonged periods of time”, explained David).
3. To serve as a psychological reward (only when you've earned the right).
4. You have no energy or drive in your workouts or when you constantly feel flat and can't seem to get a good "pump". Or you just can't find the emotional renewal you're looking for.
5. Your body temperature is always low or you're cold all the time and feeling the chills a lot. This usually happens in leaner individuals. (Cheating will heat you up in a healthy way by using the thermic effect of cheat food and stoke your metabolism to get it moving again.)
6. To reset fat burning hormones like leptin and provide a metabolic spark for your thyroid (usually from 4 to 6 days or longer of aggressive carb/calorie restriction or maintaining super low body fat levels for a long period of time).

Weight Loss Diet Trick #2: Know when NOT to cheat

1. You're bored with bland diet foods - Newsflash, it's a carb cycling plan, not the Food Network... if you want results, you have to Macro-Pattern. and be willing to make some sacrifices a few days a week.
2. You're stressed out and need an emotional food "high" - I think they call it "life" and last time I checked we're all going to deal with some stress while we live it - so get used to it. Food can be like a drug, so don't let yourself get addicted or emotionally attached to it.
3. You lack discipline - It's either the pain of discipline OR the pain of regret. In other words, cheating is a reward - NOT an escape.

Weight Loss Diet Trick #3: Apply STRUCTURED Re-feeds, Carb Loading Cheat Days, and Strategic Binging

1. Strategic Cheat Day (sometimes referred to as Carbing UP or Carb Loading) - Most times this is used mid-week and it's specifically designed to provide a metabolic spark to help avoid the adaptive response.
2. Hormonal Cheat Day (sometimes referred to as a Free Day or just Cheat Day) - This is the most flexible and fun cheat day with hardly any food restrictions.
3. Structured Re-Feeds - This is the most restrictive, but effective type of cheating.
4. Strategic Binging - This is a carb loading strategy used after high intensity weight training or bodyweight training (sometimes called MRT) workouts.

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