When you're first getting started in IM, you'll quickly discover that quite a few skills need to be learned. It's difficult to know for sure, but we would not be surprised if 90% of IM marketers quit within months of getting involved, and that is possibly due to the steep learning curve. You'll need to write down a list of all the possible tasks that you would consider outsourcing before you do anything else. We'd like to offer some solid tips and suggestions you can use to help take your IM business to the next level.

Of course the first step is to determine exactly what you want outsourced, and then it's time to begin your journey to find the right person or company. The first choice for marketers is to search their networks of people they know and trust for recommendations, after that - off to the various and well-known sites such as guru.com, or getafreelancer, or elance. These sites have software scripts to handle the process of bidding and posting projects, etc. The best approach is to do your due diligence as much as possible. Both sides can be protected with the use of available escrow accounts that can be used. Sometimes you need to train people how to do things, and teaching people to do traffic generation to your websites is another commonly outsourced task. You can have others do any kind of traffic generation for you, it's up to you as to what you want to share, though. Very many marketers outsource bookmarking to social sites. Another old standby is posting to forums, and you can find people who will do it for you - amazing. Apart from this, there are cheap workers available for tasks like article submission, blog commenting, directory submission, etc.

Returning to those you have identified as good workers will allow you to outsource again with the knowledge it will be done right. Your outsource needs will not end, and you may end up keeping them for long term or contacting them again. The next step is to look into how you can outsource the other parts of your business and make it more hands free. If you can free more time for yourself, you'll have choices - either enjoy your time, or work on your business.

Outsourcing time-consuming work is one of the keys to business growth in the online world. No question, it's a pain to setup with finding the right people, weeding through those you don't want, etc - but you will thank yourself for doing it after the fact. You'll be taking advantage of the principle of leverage which is a smart move in any endeavor.

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