Chocolate will let you eat less

When talking about Chocolate, people will think about fat and unhealthy, in fact, this is not right, in fact, there is a research showed that black chocolate will help you burn your calories and help you have a good figure.

The study divided people into 2 groups, people in group one eat black chocolate, and people in another group having milk chocolate, several hours late, they can have some pizza until they can not eat anything more, the study showed that people in black chocolate will eat 15% less pizza, that is why, that is because there has high theobrama oil in black chocolate, cocoa is one kind of   antioxidant, and it is helpful for your body health, so, the more cocoa the black chocolate has, the more antioxidants the black chocolate has. And there has flavonol in black chocolate, it will help the blob move to your head, so it can lower the blood pressure, and besides this, it will let you be cleverer.

More chocolate will let people be thinner

Archives of Medicine magazine, showed a research, after they have a research in 1000 people, they draw a conclusion that people who had chocolate for 2 times per week, their BMI was lower that people who never had chocolate, the research found that there has polyphenol in chocolate, if they put this into animal, the blood speed was higher, so, they found that this can help people has a higher metabolism, according to this, we know that also because of this, it can people control their weight.

Chocolate will let people feel full.

There is a research showed that just one small piece of chocolate will let people feel full to prevent more food from intake, this can also explain why people eat more chocolate, they will be thinner, but, that does not means you can have a lot of chocolate from now on. If you really want to keep a good figure, how to choose chocolate is one thing you should learn from.

How to choose chocolate?

The more cocoa the black chocolate has, it will be suitable for you, but there are so many black chocolate are not have a good process, so there are so many fat and sugar in black chocolate, so, you have to learn how to see the tag in it. Because the black chocolate will let people feel a little bitter, so, the factory will add more sugar or some nuts to let them be accepted by popular, but, also because of those let chocolate become one kind of high calorie, higher and unhealthy food, so, when you are buying chocolate, you should learn to see the tag, only the amount of the cocoa reach to 75%, this is help for the people‘s health.

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