When customers are looking for  roofing companies Harrisburg  online in hopes of finding an idea of how much it will cost, they can start to feel frustrated when they do not see any pricing listed. However, there are three budget tips for estimating roofing Lancaster PA costs that will help define the final price.

The first figure that goes into estimating how much a roof will cost is the square footage. To get a general idea without stepping on a ladder to measure it, think about the square footage of the home. The square footage of the roof will partially include the base of the home. The roof square footage will also include almost twice the square footage of the base because it is pointed and not flat. This way, if a customer can see square footage mentioned on a roofing website, they can give themselves a rough estimate on their total costs.

One other budgeting factor that plays an active role in the bid they will see from places like a  roofing Lancaster PA  contractor is whether a roof has been built on top of their roof. This is a common technique to save money with re-roofing and it eventually needs to be remedied with a replacement. In short, all of the old layers will need to be placed in a dumpster with a fresh roof replacing it. All of this in total can double the cost of a roofing repair.

Finally, if a homeowner wants to go green, one of the easiest solutions for getting a new roof is to simultaneously install solar panels. If a homeowner choose to get a new roof first and have solar panels installed later, they may need to change or re-roof anyway. In other words, homeowners can kill two birds with one stone by having their roof repaired in conjunction with the needs for having solar panels repaired.

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