London, England - 24/7 Moneybox, who specialise in providing payday loans, is bucking the trend among lenders, by maintaining a personal approach and dealing with loan applications on an individual basis, even for those with a bad credit rating.

While it is the large banking institutions that have hit the headlines during the economic downturn, it is the people on the street that are suffering the consequences of the recession - and none more so than those with less than perfect credit ratings - as high street lenders have sharply reduced the amount of credit they provide and applying strict generic rules when evaluating potential borrowers.

As an independent provider of short-term pay day loans, 24/7 Moneybox have maintained a personal approach to their customers, assessing each client on an individual basis and taking each person's circumstances into consideration before making a decision, rather than applying 'blanket' criteria.

24/7 Moneybox looks at each and every application individually, unlike other lenders that are quick to reject anyone with a bad credit score, to provide credit tailored to each customer's personal circumstances.

"Everyone has unforeseen expenses that crop up out of the blue from time to time, but the current economic situation has made it difficult for many people to find credit," says James White of 24/7 Moneybox. "We treat each customer as a person and take the time to find out about their circumstances before we make any lending decisions, unlike many of the banks that are often too quick to turn people away."

To find out more about 24/7 Moneybox visit: or call 0871 312 0247 (calls cost 10p per minute).