London, England (March 19, 2010) - 24 7 parking, experts in finding affordable long term parking in London, comment on a recent survey undertaken by the University of Stuttgart which highlights London's public transport systems as some of the most expensive in Europe.

The survey, which places London's public transport only above Zagreb, Budapest and Ljubljana, claims that although journey times and connections between destinations in the capital are usually sound, London lets itself down massively with its high fares and overall expense. London was found to have the most expensive public transport out of all of the 23 cities included in the survey.

The damning statistic seems to suggest that London has some of the best public transport within the EU - if people can afford to ride it. Despite gaining kudos for the Oyster card scheme, the overall impression from industry bodies is that although billions of pounds are being pumped into London's public transport to make it more efficient and improve its general usability, fare prices will ultimately have to be reduced sooner or later. Also criticised was the disability access when accessing the tube, too few escalators and lifts and poor bike storage facilities on the transport itself.

"It's no secret that public transport in London is so expensive. A lot of people choose to leave their cars at home and use public transport due to the poor availability of spaces when parking in London," said Peter Cooper of 24 7 Parking. "There is a solution however for those fed up with paying high daily public transport rates and are looking to utilise their cars more effectively. At 24 7 Parking we can guarantee a London parking space when people contact us to use our services, no matter which London borough you're looking to park in."

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