London, England (March 10, 2010) - 24 7 parking, experts in finding affordable long term parking in London, comment of the publication of a manifesto calling for major political parties to tighten parking regulations so that charges and levies are applied legally and fairly.

Created by a coalition of motoring organisations, the Manifesto on the Reform of Parking and Traffic Enforcement has been created in an effort to highlight to mainstream political parties the growing feeling that local councils are only installing parking meters and painting yellow lines in local areas to raise funds for themselves - a practice that is actually illegal due to the 1984 Road Traffic Regulation Act.

The coalition feel that instead of parking meters being erected for traffic management and to relieve congestion problems in specific areas, they are instead being used to fill up council coffers which is highlighted through increased council profits, rises in the employment of traffic wardens and parking tickets, and out of proportion penalty fees and fines. They claim local businesses are being seriously affected and that councils are killing off the traditional town centre, whilst inadvertently increasing traffic pollution.

"The coalition have created this manifesto to essentially show mainstream political parties that the general public has had enough of obscene parking charges and what is viewed by many as unfair council money laundering," said Peter Cooper of 24 7 Parking. "It will be interesting to see how far they get with the manifesto as the major parties would probably prefer the current system to stay in place, especially with many of their constituents parking in London! If a major party where to adopt the manifesto and throw their weight behind it, it would certainly give them a huge political edge over their rivals and show they are serious about motorists' concerns."

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