18, March 2016: With the passage of time, Airwheel has ushered the spring new products conference on CeBIT, 2016. Airwheel, dedicated to researching and developing new products, has given the public a surprise, as it has brought four series of six models on the scene. It has to do its best to show it to the European customers and exhibitors. It aims to attract more and more customers and seek for more co-operation with other sectors and other electronics. Airwheel’s series of new products caused a sensation on the scene.


A new series has been added into Airwheel—C series, a kind of smart helmet. Accompanying smart cameras on C3 and C5 enables riders to take photographs or videos anytime, anywhere. C3 intelligent helmet for road safety is adopted wireless 3.0 transmission technology, capable of answering phone calls in riding, more secure and convenient. HD tone quality and windproof microphone mounted on Airwheel C5 best motorcycle helmet not only can play music, but also ensure the clear call in the riding, making telephone calls more secure.


Airwheel Z5 is another new product—named standing up electric scooter. Airwheel Z5’s battery pack, in a modular design enables riders to easily disassemble and replace the battery. Riders can never feel how wonderfulthe design is until they ride it in person, as Z5 standing up electric scooter is full of design team’s passion, energy and hard work.

On the basis of S3, S5 is positioned as an ATV, while S6 is more suitable for girls. The newly born Airwheel S8 sitting-posture electric scooter, inheriting the multi-pose controlling system of S6, operating rod is designed in C shape for better traffic ability and externality, while the Airwheel S9 two wheeled self-balancing robot is a benchmark for the future development trend.

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