UK airport parking price comparison website put the monthly update of its 35 most popular pages online last this week. The extensive research this requires has revealed that the cheapest Birmingham Airport car parking prices are already up by as much as 20% this year — and this is before we reach the busy summer holiday months.

April marks the start of airline’s summer flights schedules and, as days get longer, our thoughts begin to turn to our summer holiday. But April also sees the start of significant price movements on airport parking, as airports and off airport car parks switch to their summer pricing too, and the main movement is up.

UK airport parking price comparison website reports the cost of the cheapest Birmingham Airport parking — at an off airport car park — for a 7 day stay has increased by 20% since February, with a similar rise for two weeks parking. It is recommending people who have booked flights or holidays already for the summer to book airport parking now, before the cheapest and most popular car parks are sold out and prices rise even further.

Pricing expert Lynn Bradshaw said: “A number of airports enjoyed new record passenger numbers this Easter, and budget airline easyJet announced much better winter figures last week, as more people tried to get away from the rain and snow. As our thoughts turn to summer — and hopefully the weather begins to pick up — our advice for those who have booked a flight or holiday already is that they should book their airport car parking as soon as possible.”

“The cost of airport parking typically rises the closer a booking is made to the date of travel. This is especially the case for cheaper and popular car parks, for on airport car parks and for meet and greet parking, as advance booking discounts are withdrawn. For example, at Birmingham airport the cheapest parking for a stay in April — which is at an off airport car park — booked this month is around 20% more expensive than if it had been booked in February. And the cheapest parking booked for the a stay in the same month in April was also around 20% more expensive than it was in February.”

“Comparing prices for parking for the last three months and also for the next three months it is clear that they are increasing, not just at Birmingham but also Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted and many others. With the price for parking ‘this month’ likely to rise further for the busier summer months, now is the ideal time to compare prices and lock in parking at a great price. The savings really can be significant, and might even pay for a new holiday outfit, a meal or a night out !”

To quickly compare the cost of Birmingham Airport parking — including on and off airport car parks plus meet and greet — at a number of suppliers, visit the airport parking price comparison page.

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