29, June 2017: Picter, founded by an 18-year-old entrepreneur, will soon be launching a dynamic and engaging app based on social connectivity within a local vicinity. If you wish to connect to the people, events, parties and more in your local area, then this will be the app for you.

“We at Picter are extremely thrilled to introduce this new app that allows users to connect to the people and things around them. Not only is the app just for people, but it can also be used for businesses looking to connect to the possible customers around them” stated by Austin Wright, the 18-year-old founder of Picter. “There is yet to be a social app that people can utilize to meet new people and not just stay connected to their current friends and family. The creative and dynamic concept of our app is based off popular social apps today, with our own twists and ideas. Many people are anticipating the app where they can connect to these things in their local area which will be prime in locations such as college campuses and large cities.“

Picter (www.picterapp.com) will combine services offered in apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Tinder all into one app, with its own unique characteristics. Users can post pictures which are viewable for 24 hours by people in their local area before they are deleted, always keeping a fresh and real-time feed. Users can instantly start chats with people based off what they discover on their feeds and chat within a Snapchat-like chat platform based off deleting photos and text. Not only will the app be used for meeting people, but users can post pictures and information for events, parties, and even specials and promotions at their local business to obtain potential near-by customers.

The social connectivity in a localized area is the next big thing. There has yet to be an app to implement this, and is highly anticipated by many people. In addition to excellent features, all posted photos on Picter whether it’s on the feed or in a chat must be taken live, so there is transparency within who you see and talk to on the app. Picter plans to blast their app into college campuses and large cities upon their release. This app will be great for college students to meet people on their campus and stay updated with real-time events. Also, users in large cities can use the app to always find new people looking to engage in a great chat platform, or find a local business offering a special promotion for the time being.

“If you want to be connected with the people and things in your local area, then this is definitely going to be the app for you. Picter will be evolving the social world with a new platform all based off localized connections”.

To find out more about Picter, the “social connectivity in your local area” themed app, click on to their website to find out more information and updated news for the launching. If you want to feature or get in contact with the 18-year-old founder for a great story on Picter and the young entrepreneur, send an email.

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