London, United Kingdom - London is filled with opportunities for people of all ages. Despite the weather and the cost of living in the UK capital, the city can boast a resident population about 8 million that rises to 15 million during daytime. Some experts say that more than 160,000 people move to London every year (serviced apartments london)

The UK MailOnline ran a news story in January 4th about one very high profile move, and confirmed that the Beckhams are moving back to London. The story said, that “David Beckham prepares to announce where he will end his career, and quoted their source, 'It's time for a new London life, they are all very excited. The family have been making plans for the move for some time and Victoria, 38, has been seen house hunting in South-West London”.

While there is only one Bekham family, many tens of thousands of students, professionals, and ordinary individuals face the same problem, where to find suitable housing within a reasonable time and in budget? Unfortunately, a hurried decision, can often mean finding a less ideal place, and significant waste of budget resources. To assist with the daunting task of international relocations, London Relocation offers an all-inclusive service to assist anyone moving to London.

Here are two testimonies about their service:
“London Relocation was professional to work with in an overseas move. They connected me with multiple movers so I benefited from choices. They listened carefully to my top priorities in housing; the day of our search, the properties absolutely reflected the substance of our conversations. Finally, they did a great job of educating me on the process and gave me the tools to make good decisions.- Erica Campbell, Boston MA

“London Relocation made what would have been an incredibly stressful experience incredibly easy. When I found out that I was moving to England, I was so excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. London Relocation made the move a smooth experience, and I am so grateful for all great help they gave me" - Rhoda Lawrence Investment Operations Manager Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd.

London Relocation agents work solely for home seekers. To ensure their agents integrity they get no fees or monies from anybody else. Home seekers are their number one priority. On the seekers behalf, they go through all the estate agency listings in those areas that best fit their “needs assessment” and pull together a personalized version of the MLS for London properties.

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London Relocation service will investigate 18-25 properties by inquiring through many estate agencies, and in this way, exhaust the market to find the best available option. This will also ensure that the client gets the best possible deal. Individuals, families, and professionals will find that using their service is the best, least stressful and time consuming way to rent a flat in London.

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